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S-ICD Therapy Case 2017

S-ICD Case Theater Collection

S-ICD 2017The S-ICD Case Collection features a compendium of illustrative case presentations that demonstrate optimal procedural approaches and clinical decision-making strategies, which evaluate critical aspects of patient selection criteria, step-wise-approaches, and present clinical evidence to support the therapy. The case collection has been designed to improve technical skill, and validate “how” and “why” S-ICD therapy can be the standard of care in daily clinical practice for ICD indicated patients.

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Case Presentations - David Frankel, MD

tmb webcast BSC S ICD Frankel presDescription

This activity features a series of case reviews from David Frankel, MD from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, who explores clinical decision making strategies to guide treatment.


Implant Case - Johan D. Aasbo, DO, FACC, FHRS

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This activity features a live case from Dr. Johan D. Aasbo from ProMedica Toledo Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, who shares his expert insights, practice experiences, and recommendations related to the S-ICD implant, pain management and alternative closure techniques.


The Grey Zone in Selecting Patients for the S-ICD - Jeanne Poole, MD

webcast BSC S ICD Dr J Poole Description

Dr. Jeanne Poole from The University of Washington in Seattle shares her expert insights on appropriate patient selection through an evaluation of outcomes data, and a compendium of S-ICD case reviews, including selected primary prevention HF patients, and selected secondary prevention patients.


live af video case presentations