Cardiac Rhythm Management
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Activity Description

The webcast evaluates how medical technology advancements must be balanced against cybersecurity risk and reviews the policies and procedures in place to provide continuous assessments and mitigations to protect against cybersecurity risk as it applies to implanted medical devices connected to a network. Medical technology with remote management solutions can improve patient outcomes, including quality of life, decrease in-office visits, and reduce healthcare costs. However, as medical technology becomes increasingly interconnected via the Internet, hospital networks, and smartphones, there exists some risk for exploitation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Led by Dr. Leslie Saxon, this activity has been developed to raise awareness through the insights of leading governmental and other cybersecurity experts who provide reviews surrounding the current and future direction of medical technology cybersecurity for increasing standards of patient care.

The webcast is comprised of proceedings from an accredited satellite symposium held during Heart Rhythm.

Cardiac Rhythm Management

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Abbott HRS17 cyber L Saxon Pres

Cybersecurity Risks and Patient Benefit with Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices: Considerations and Current Policy

Leslie Saxon, MD


Abbott HRS17 cyber Panel Pres

Innovation and Cybersecurity Expert Panel Discussion

Moderator: Leslie Saxon, MD
Panelists: Suzanne Schwartz, MD, MBA, William Murray, Beau Woods and Russell Jones, CISSP.


Cardiac Rhythm Management

Commercial Supporter

This activity is supported through an educational grant from Abbott and Deloitte.


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Program Director

Abbott HRS17 cyber L Saxon port

Leslie Saxon, MD
Executive Director, USC Center for Body Computing
University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA


Abbott HRS17 cyber S Schwartz port

Suzanne Schwartz, MD, MBA
Associate Director for Science and Strategic Partnerships FDA
Silver Springs, MD

Abbott HRS17 cyber W Murray port

William Murray
President and CEO
Medical Device Innovation Consortium
Minneapolis, MN

Abbott HRS17 cyber B Woods port

Beau Woods
Deputy Director
Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Atlantic Council Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security
Washington, DC

Abbott HRS17 cyber R Jones port

Russell Jones, CISSP
Cyber Risk Services
Deloitte Advisory
San Francisco, CA




Cardiac Rhythm Management