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Thank You To Our Reviewers

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The Journal of Innovations in Cardiac Rhythm Management extends sincere thanks to all reviewers who completed manuscript reviews for JICRM in 2015.

These reviewers provide high quality, rigorous, and insightful reviews of manuscripts submitted to the journal. We extend our appreciation to all reviewers for providing their expertise and time, in maintaining and enhancing the clinical relevance and scientific quality of manuscripts published in the journal. Our reviewers are instrumental to the advancement of JICRM and they greatly deserve recognition for their indispensable contributions.

Abhishek Maan
Andrew Epstein
Anil Goli
Arash Aryana
Attila Roka
Bharat K. Kantharia
Bruce Lerman
Charles Haffajee
Charles J. Love
Christian Perzanowski
Christopher Randall Ellis
Daniel R. Frisch
Dario Carlos Di Toro
David Callans
Ernest Lau
Heather Bloom
Jason Chinitz
Jason Roberts
John D. Harding
John H. Jentzer


Jose Osorio
Kevin Makati
Lucas Boersma
Luna Bhatta
Matthew Hutchinson
Michael Gold
Nitish Badhwar
Rahul N. Doshi
Rakesh Gopinathannair
Ray Shaerf
Riccardo Cappato
Richard Abben
Richard G. Trohman
Roy John
Samuel Asirvatham
Sanjiv Narayan
Scott Brancato
Sergio Fabian Cossu
Tom De Potter